Type of Ants

Carpenter Ants

They build nests inside wood consisting of galleries chewed out with their mandibles, preferably in dead, damp wood. However, unlike termites, they do not consume wood, discarding a material that resembles sawdust. Sometimes, carpenter ants hollow out sections of trees. 

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Don't Let Pests Take Over Your Home

 Ants, spiders, rodents, stinging pests and all garden and yard pests.


1 Year No pest Guaranteed, Free Inspection and Consultation. Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. Household pests like ants, spiders, and rodents can be much more than a nuisance-they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health


Pest and

Gardening Services

Unlike big companies sending apprentices to deliver the same service to each client, we offer you pest control by our very own fully licensed master technician, bonded and insured. With other companies using a limited number of products for a standard service, we use over 30 organic and organically derived high-quality products because we understand that every home, like yours, has specific needs. You can rest assured that we deliver eco-friendly, pet and child friendly, customized home pest control solutions.

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Ants are located all over the world and are destructive to food and property. They can also bring diseases and health risks in your home. In some parts of the world ants can even sting and be dangerous.

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This is one pest no one wants at home or even in the yard. With hundreds of ant species in the United States, it is not surprising that ants have been considered the #1 pest in the country. 

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These eight-legged crawlers may be one of the stars in horror movies, but not in your home and yard. Venomous or not, threat or no threat, sticky webs and scary spiders make a lot of people cringe. 


Ryan Smith

After becoming Oregon’s most endorsed pest professional and being featured in The Oregonian. I decided to make a difference and change the way pest control has been implemented over the last 80 years!    I carry a large range of organic solutions requiring me to have more pest control licenses than anyone else in Oregon.  The organic products I use are less toxic than salt and cost more than the traditional chemicals pest control companies use. Organic pest control requires more skill, knowledge, and training than chemical non- selective pesticides that are currently the industry norm. The benefits of organic pest control to our health and environment far outweighs any monetary costs. 


The natural pest control products in my arsenal only target pest insects.  90% of insects are beneficial.  Other companies only care about killing your pest bugs the cheapest way possible and reducing training costs of seasonal employees, killing beneficial insects like honey bees and ladybugs are not even a thought as long as the pest bugs are killed.


That’s why I formed Beaverton Ant Solutions.   I am changing the way pest control is conducted one house at a time until the entire industry is forced to change.  Being a pioneer in environmentally safe pest control is my mission statement. Join me on our quest for a healthier ecosystem.

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Beaverton Ant Solutions

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Instant Quality Service

Call Today and get serviced in the same day with additional free consultation.

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All Around Expert

Fully Licensed Master Technician with 20 Years of Pest Control Experience.


Earth Friendly Solutions

Uses Eco-Friendly and Organically-Derived Pest Control Products.

Why Oregon Families Choose Beaverton Ant Solutions for Effective, Fast, and Organic Pest Management.

Beaverton Ant Solutions is the most trusted and reliable Pest Company in Oregon, and for good reason! I care about helping my customers as though they’re members of my own family. Whether you’re in need of urgent treatment for an existing pest problem or are looking for the best prevention methods in the state, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality service for complete peace of mind.


My Revolutionary Organic Approach to Pest Control and Prevention

At Beaverton Ant Solutions, I treat your home as if it’s my own. Traditional pest control companies carelessly spray large amounts of toxic insecticides throughout living environments, which are potentially harmful to adults, children, and pets. And while those industrial-strength chemicals might temporarily keep pests at bay, they pose a serious health risk to your family. I employ a proven, and environmentally-friendly system to ensure your home remains free from all forms of pests.

No Toxic Chemicals. Sustainable Pest Protection. Complete Peace of Mind.

Ant solutions not only solve all your pest problems, but I also work tirelessly to keep them away for good. I believe the most effective way to eliminate pests is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place! I take as much time as needed to conduct a thorough inspection of your entire property, both inside and out. I search for vulnerable spots where sneaky pests are able to slip inside your living environment and ensure those potential risks are removed. By stopping pests at their source, I am able to use safe organic products inside your home. I also treat your yard and plants for pests and fungal diseases with organic products that only target pests, not beneficial insects.


Organic Pest Control for Just Pennies a Day!

Unlike my competitors, I never use a “one size fits all” approach to pest management. I know that every home is unique and has different needs. Ant solutions offer customized service and preventative maintenance for every budget to safeguard your home from nasty critters 365 days a year. The best part? No long term contract is required! Imagine the relief knowing your family is fully protected from disease-carrying vermin without being exposed to harmful pesticides.

Protect the health of your family and pets without dangerous chemicals…


Introducing my Organic Plan For Natural, Safe and Effective Pest Control​

If you’re like most people, the sight of an ant, spider, or other pests in your home and garden will have you frantically dialing a pest control company before they have time to scurry and hide.


But costly repeated spraying of your home with harmful insecticides can come with a high cost to the health of your family and pets, environment, and also your wallet.


Each year, 4.5 billion pounds of potentially harmful pesticides are used throughout homes in the United States.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pesticide residue often lingers in the home, contaminating the air your family breathes. And repeated exposure can lead to serious health problems, including…..


• Irritation to eye, nose, and throat

• Damage to central nervous system and kidney

• Headaches

• Dizziness

• Muscle twitching

• Weakness

• Tingling sensations

• Nausea

• Liver and kidney problems

• Damage to the central nervous system

• Respiratory problems, such as asthma

• Increased risk of cancer

• And much more


Chemical spraying also puts your furry friends at risk. They can absorb pesticides through their mucous membranes, such as their nose, eyes, mouth and through the skin. They often ingest toxic chemicals while they groom.


And here’s the rub….

Even after spraying those heavy-duty insecticides throughout your home, they can still fail to permanently get rid of pests.

Why Traditional Pest Control Companies Fail to Provide Sustainable Results​

At best, spraying may temporarily cause the nasty critters to scatter for a few days, but it doesn’t provide the solution for ending your pest problem once and for all.


The problem with spraying toxic chemicals is they only temporarily mask the symptoms of pest infestation without solving their root cause.


In fact, spraying can make your original pest problem much worse. Without locating and fixing the source of the infestation, pests will continue to breed and multiply. And it won’t be long until they return… this time with their new families.


So, most consumers will schedule another round of spraying, and continue exposing their family and pets to more lethal chemicals.


It’s a never-ending, dangerous cycle.


How do you protect your home from invading armies of ants and other pests without putting your family at risk?

Happily, I have created a breakthrough Organic program to stop nasty critters in their tracks before they become a problem!


Prevention Is Your “Secret Weapon” For Effective And Safe Pest Control​

I know your first line of defense against pests is preventing them from entering your home in the first place.


And even if you’ve never spotted a creepy crawler in your living environment, you’re not out of the woods!


Keep in mind that some queen ants can lay thousands of eggs each day, so even one stray ant can quickly lead to hundreds.


That’s why it’s best to be proactive in preventing a pest problem before it starts.


Think Traditional Pest Control Companies Care About Prevention? Think Again!

The pest control industry earns billions each year by repeated spraying, which is why they’re really not interested in prevention. They care more about increasing profits, so the last thing they want is for their customers to permanently solve their pest problems.


Taking action today to protect your home against ants, insects and rodents can save you thousands of dollars down the road and hours of frustration. And also ensure that your loved ones and pets are protected from lethal chemicals.


Ant solutions Organic program is your smarter and safer alternative to traditional pest control.


Ant Solutions Works 365 Days A Year To Safeguard Your Home From Pests… Naturally, Effectively And Without Dangerous Chemicals

Whether you’re trying to rid your home of existing pests or you’re looking for a safe alternative to preventing them, my organic program has you covered!


My dedication to providing the most natural, safest, and effective pest control through prevention is why I am a cut above the competition.


Here’s how my revolutionary Organic program works…..

Starting at only 59$ per month, you’ll receive customized bi-monthly service and ongoing monitoring to ensure your home and entire property are fully protected from pests. Your plants will be the healthiest on your block and no beneficial insects will be harmed.


Traditional pest control companies indiscriminately use non-selective pesticides that kill honey bees and have long persistence in the environment, polluting our rivers and water supply.


During my first visit to your home, I take as much time as I need to get to know your home, not only inside your home but, I also inspect your entire yard and plants for fungal diseases and plant pests including slugs. I treat your yard for fleas and ticks and bugs that damage your lawn.


I will focus on locating and fixing existing vulnerabilities, such as patching up any interior and exterior structural weaknesses where pests can enter.


But I don’t stop there!


Next, I will continue to monitor your home and property with regular bi-monthly visits. Frequent monitoring allows me to ensure your old issues are remaining resolved,

I'm proud to offer emergency same day service between my bi-monthly visits for any reason. I’m meticulous the odds of needing a free service are less than 1% but I’m happy to come out for any reason do not hesitate to call!


I Stop Pests At Their Source!​

Did you know that a mouse can shimmy through a small opening the size of a dime? And other creepy crawlers can easily slip inside your home through tiny cracks and holes that are often unapparent to the visible eye? I leave no stone unturned in my search for vulnerable spots in both the interior and exterior of your home, and then I patch them to thwart even the most determined pests from entering.


Nobody in Oregon is more skilled in spotting the most minuscule openings that an untrained eye will typically miss. Corporate companies hire seasonal apprentices that are paid per home serviced. Unfortunately, they just spray toxic chemicals and leave without saying goodbye. I get 95% of my clients from referrals. I establish rapport and perform work I would be willing to pay for.


I effectively prevent pests from invading your living space by….

• Filling up even the smallest holes with safe materials.

• Applying Insect screening over vents and other areas where pests can slip in.

• Sealing all exterior and interior cracks.

• Patching up all other access points.

• Repair of torn structural damage with materials that rodents are unable to chew through, including window screens.

• And much more!


But I don’t stop there….. I make my own ant bait stations! More effective than any professional can buy and ants can't resist their last meal, I happily provide!


Complete Coverage Both Inside and Outside Your Home​

While my competitors charge additional high fees to eliminate pests outside your home, I include it at no extra charge.


I don’t believe a pest control service is complete without also focusing on your entire property.


I take my time to thoroughly search your property to find potential spots where ants, wasps, rodents, and other pesky critters often make nests and proliferate.


Additionally, I locate and repair any structural weakness to further prevent pests from entering from the outdoors.


Whether your property is large or small, rest assured I spend as much time as needed to ensure optimum pest protection.


Enjoy the Complete Peace of Mind With My Year-Round Organic Program.​

I treat my clients as if your members of my own family, I treat your home with the same care as if it’s my own.


Most traditional pest control companies offer ineffective cookie-cutter treatments without attending to the unique needs of each customer.


They rush from home to home and carelessly service each one so they can move on to the next job.


At Beaverton Ant Solutions, I am dedicated to providing the best-personalized customer service experience in the industry on multiple levels.


My Organic program is, fast and effective, and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.


After you sign up for my organic program, you’ll receive a wide variety of incredible benefits, including……


• Initial comprehensive inspection of your home and property.

• Your own customized pest control program based on the inspection.

• Regular bi-monthly inspections both inside and outside of your home at no additional cost.

• Longer and more thorough bi-monthly visits than traditional pest control companies offer.

• Flexible scheduling.

• Green pest control methods that are 100% safe for your family and pets.

• Emergency visits between bi-monthly inspections at no additional cost.

• Full peace of mind knowing your family, pets, and home are protected from pests without dangerous chemicals.

• Bi-monthly inspection includes both inside and outside at no additional cost.

• Organic program only 59$ per month.

• No long-term contract required.

• Double your money back guarantee!


Thanks to my breakthrough organic program, you’ll enjoy year-round pest protection without worrying about insecticides potentially harming your family and pets.


Pest control? We got your back. 


Beaverton Ant Solutions is a local pest solutions company in Beaverton, OR. Fully-bonded and insured, eco-friendly, safe, services customized to your home and garden pest control needs.

Our fully licensed master technician will ensure your home is completely free from ants and other pests - all year round. 


Your satisfaction is our priority.

For questions and free consultation, 

don't hesitate to contact us.

Beaverton Ant Solutions

5400 SW Murray Blvd Beaverton OR 97005

(971) 708 3693

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